Wednesday, June 30, 2010

siri's top five style staples, summer 2010

5. Red lipstick
My favorite lipstick has a creamy texture, flattering orangey-red color, stays on like a dream, feels sophisticated, and is neither too matte nor too shiny - it's dewy. I've had this tube of Revlon Moondrops lipstick in earthy for a while now, I inherited it from my mother over year ago because she has problems finding lipstick that doesn't turn pink on her, but I'm not giving it up ever. I hope Revlon still makes them, last time I checked they did.

4. Pointy-toed Flats
for the Audrey in everyone

3. High-waisted short-shorts

for legs that go on for miles

2. Soft breezy tissue-weight t-shirts
for lazy days

1. Dresses
any style, anywhere, pure beauty.


  1. yeah love the red lipsticks on others because I don't like it use myself. My make-up is very natural. but yeah it's really pretty!

  2. I usually go more natural too (I'm pretty casual in the summer), but when I want to jazz up my look I reach for the lipstick. =)

  3. red lipstick is my absolute favorite, i rarely ever go without it (: