Tuesday, June 16, 2009

thought of the day: love is possible

"A bird may love a fish, signore, but where will they live?"
"Then I shall have to make you wings."
- Ever After

I think that we
should all forget about what we worry other people think of us, forget about circumstances such as time and distance and social class and what our parents or girlfriends or buddies might think and just love who we want. Perhaps that's a common idea, probably nothing extraordinarily insightful, and I probably didn't put it as eloquently as it probably deserved - but really, if Danielle and the Prince could do it, then why can't we all?

Happy loving,


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Siriously. =) 10 things

1. enjoys big cities (the motion is intoxicating)

2. but loves sitting in fields away from every single light (as long as it's with a good friend and the stars are out)

3. writes poetry at 2 a.m. (too many words, too many words in hear that need to escape)

4. can't wait to get out of this town (has to wait a few months)

6. words and theatre and music serve for her release and expression (but dance is sometime the purest form)

7. hates being judged (but is sometimes too quick to judge in return. tries not to, though)

8. has a serious weakness for vintage and indie fashion (has a bigger weakness for coffee, cheesecake, and chocolate)

9. Has little money to spend on any of the above (is largely a useless, jobless, fresh high school graduate)

10. Has started this blog because lazy, hazy summer days have driven her to try and find yet another outlet for pent-up energy (but as a result is still stuck in front of the computer)