Wednesday, July 22, 2009

snort... another haiku

I snort when I laugh
at stupid jokes and slips of tongue
keeps the blues at bay.

(So there's this boy... kinda like him. And vice versa. If you couldn't tell. But he's started me writing haiku, it's rather addicting. I've written a bunch. 
I will get back to doing outfit photos soon, the original object of this blog... but one more, before I go)

she didn't realize
until too late, silly girl
he reads this blog too...

Monday, July 20, 2009


she marvels
at how the lines in their palms just seem to
of their own accord

he studies
the crease between her brows, smooths away
the signature
with a callused finger

and their hands catch
once more

she has never felt so
of her own self-worth
has never
felt the kiss of wet grass upon her skin
and welcomed it so readily
has never let herself
just breathe
and accept
and allow one to come so close
to her

and their hands have caught
each other

and she finds it funny
how he doesn’t drink coffe
while she inhales it like the first gulp of oxygen
after a chlorine-infused plunge
and how he can’t carry a tune
but sings along with her and the radio
mostly unabashed
while she can’t let herself be rubbish
at anything

oh yes
she finds it funny
how themselves they contradict

but even so
she thinks, bemused
she has welcomed the kiss
of wet grass against her skin
she has let this ragamuffin
come so close
close to her

and somehow
the lines in their palms just seem to

Sunday, July 19, 2009

a haiku from a would-be actress with new hope

she pulls me aside
her words a kind of music:
"you have potential."

- Siri

Friday, July 10, 2009

101 things to accomplish before I die

1. Go skinny dipping
2. Ride for hours on a carousel
3. Backpack through Europe
4. Be fluent in another language
5. Live in a foreign country
6. Publish a work of poetry or fiction
7. Be a professional actress
8. Release a full-length album w/a record label
9. Be able to convincingly imitate a range of different accents
10. Star in an indie film
11. Make love in a field
12. Ride horses on the beach
13. Adopt a child
14. Have a pen pal I’ve never met
15. Aide in an impoverished country
16. Write a letter to the editor of a large scale publishing
17. Write a play
18. Stand naked in the rain
19. Help a complete stranger
20. Become first-aid certified
21. Work in a coffee shop
22. Design and sew my own clothing
23. Be on staff at Camp Cross
24. Write a song for every person who has touched my life
25. Walk barefoot for 5k
26. Rock climb
27. Dive into a glacier lake
28. Perfect my dive
29. Go bungee jumping (with someone?)
30. Go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras
31. Attend a masked ball
32. Ride an elephant
33. Spend a (naked) afternoon at a nude beach
34. Become a skilled latin (and swing, and ballroom) dancer
35. Go clubbing
36. Learn the art of Burlesque (and then use it to seduce someone)
37. Learn to cook
38. Fall in love with a musician (or another kind of artist)
39. Have a musician (or another kind of artist) fall in love with me in return
40. Unstop a fire hydrant and have a party in the street
41. Float in the middle of a lake
42. Write in wet cement
43. Walk on my hands
44. Lie down in the middle of that see-through bridge over the Grand Canyon
45. Go parasailing
46. Hug a celebrity
47. Climb to the top of a water tower
48. Serenade someone (for real)
49. Get serenaded (for real)
50. Climb out a two or more story window
51. Ski down a black diamond (without falling on my face)
52. Navigate the Subway, Underground, and Metro (and any others) all by myself
53. Make love underneath the stars
54. Kiss underwater
55. Go streaking
56. Dance in Times’ Square
57. Go to Africa
58. Try shrooms
59. Work in Ellen’s Stardust Diner in NYC
60. Go to Sasquatch
61. Take cold showers for a month
62. Attend a religious gathering for every major religion in the world (and minor ones too)
63. Understand music theory
64. Learn to belt
65. Ice skate holding hands with someone special
66. Land a clean quadruple pirouette en pointe
67. Get my extension at or past 180 degrees (in dance)
68. Have a bathtub in my kitchen
69. Learn as many constellations as possible
70. Go to Siberia
71. Swim in a hot spring
72. Learn different massage techniques
73. Read Tolkien's Silmarillion all the way through
74. Swim with dolphins
75. Go to Montreal
76. Get full-body henna tattoos
77. Grow my hair past my shoulder blades
78. Go without makeup for a month
79. Wear nothing but flannel shirts all winter (not counting other clothing)
80. Drink absinthe
81. Cover my walls in collages
82. Dye my hair bright red
83. Put a smile on a sick child’s face
84. Sing with Maddie in every cathedral, monastery, or abbey we can find in France
85. Go on a bicycle tour in Ireland or Norway
86. Put my feet in every ocean (maybe not the Arctic...)
87. Write my regrets in the sand at low tide, let them be washed away
88. Write a message in a bottle
89. Never grow old (in spirit)
90. Have a bird land on my finger
91. Send off a bunch of helium balloons from the top of a cliff
92. Meet a giraffe
93. Go to Middle-Earth New Zealand
94. Read Le Petit Prince in as many languages as possible
95. Play Eponine in Les Mis
96. Play Peter Pan in the musical or play
97. Kiss in the rain
98. Emulate the grace, class, and style of Audrey Hepburn
99. Live without fear
100. Believe in myself
101. Accept myself for who I am, mistakes and all