Sunday, July 11, 2010

oh what a wonderful - and horrible - world.

Life throws you for a loop sometimes. Like when you turn around and realize that you've been in love with someone for years without even realizing it. Or when you realize that you are in fact loved, when you never were able to fully accept that truth. Or when you realize that thinking about your childhood just makes you unfathomably sad. Or when your twenty-two year old cousin dies a week before his college graduation... and everything you thought mattered totally doesn't in comparison. (That was two months ago.)

Just something I've been thinking about a lot.



  1. Hi Siri, I'm Lydia's uncle by way of her aunt Roberta's husband. I'm sorry for your loss and those type of experiences are so poignant that it does make one ponder about Life and our priorities. Moment to moment, second to second, minute to minute life must be about just loving, hugging and verabalizing your 'caring'. Breathe in Love yourself and Love those you choose to be around.